Tuesday, September 6, 2005

We need engineering teams

The Katrina PeopleFinder Project is an all volunteer effort.

Its crunch time and we need full-time engineering teams. Yahoo got a crawler up becuase they have full time resources dedicated to the project. The Katrina People Finder Project needs full time engineering teams.

Wouldn't you think a Silicon Valley technology company could spare an engineering team for a week to work with us in making refugee information more accessible to the displaced people of the Gulf Coast. Folks need to step up, we have the plan, the vision and the specification. It's just a matter of resources.

We need a salesforce.com administrator, project managers and engineers to implement the PFIF spec for other organizations (http://zesty.ca/pfif/1.1/#life-cycle), and engineers to do scrapes of external websites and put the information in PFIF.

We can create the largest, most useful structured data set on the web. We just need a visionary company to donate a full time engineering team or two.

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