Wednesday, August 16, 2006

CiviCRM Up for a Prize

CiviCRM (more specifically, Lobo) has been nominated for the Antonio Pizzigati Prize for software in the public interest. Reading the wonderful testimonials from the CiviCRM community, I realize that CiviCRM is equal parts great people, great ideas and great software.

One of the keys of evaluating open source is evaluating the community. I think CiviCRM has been able to build a community worthy of the civic sector... real support, a friendly face, and a committment to 'customers' and incusiveness.

If you use CiviCRM, please offer a post about why.

Some neat quotes:

" Always polite, always helpful (Lobo) is the main reason many of us can even deal with a project with the ambitions of CiviCRM."

"We had skilled tech volunteers but couldn't afford a "turnkey", and extensive research in 2004 into both commercial and "free" CRM solutions showed that there was a dearth of affordable, flexible and easy to use web-based CRMs for small NPOs like ourselves. When CiviCRM came along, it was clear that it would meet our needs and talk to our values."

And my favorite:

"At first I had trouble envisioning a sucessful implementation of open source. This perception changed as I became more involved, but they drastically changed when I started working with CIVICRM. There is a clear gap between CIVICRMand the remainder. Not only is CIVICRM a robust piece of software, it was clearly built by a team that is privy to the needs of the organizations it serves. This is not an uninformed effort; CIVICRM is as close to a custom solution that I could ever hope to get, even if I paid a team of developers to work only for me. It is one of the most well thought out pieces of software I have ever used."

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