Thursday, November 30, 2006

Online communities with fundraising microsites

From the CivicSpace Blog.

We think anyone should be able to create a Kiva or Global Giving style site for their social change project without having to pay for rebuilding the same basic technology over and over. Ultimately, we want to allow anyone to launch a Kiva or Global Giving style site for a low monthly fee with open source software (Drupal/CiviCRM).
The benefits of open source is that you can focus on the mission and share the costs of the technology, building a community of folks supporting social change.

Sunday, November 5, 2006

CiviCRM Team Start Outlining Architecture

CiviCRM is an incredible open source framework for constituent relationship management. But as a user it takes some learning to understand the basic structure of groups, relationships, activities and contacts.

As a developer it gets even more complex. Luckily the team has started to blog about the architecture of CiviCRM. Check it out.