Saturday, September 3, 2005

Katrina: Gave money already? Give your time right now online.

A significant problem for refugees is that information on people is spread all over the web. If I was looking for a loved one, I could search 20 websites and still miss and entry about them. There are a number of technical solutions people are working on right now, but the old fashioned grassroots approach may be best.

Can you spare one hour today and enter missing persons data from forums accross the web into the peoplefinder database at ? We have people working on importing the major online databases on the web (Red Cross, Gulf Coast News, etc.) in addition to your data entry.

The first thing we need is community leaders that can help coordinate a massively parallel data entry effort so that thousands of volunteers can enter information from message boards across the web without too much duplication of effort.

The thing we need to resolve first is how to coordinate such a significant effort.

Go to where you will be coordinating the volunteer effort.

Please publicize this message far and wide.

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