Wednesday, August 13, 2008

OK, they get the benefit of the doubt

I've watched Wild Apricot since it came out of the gate and been impressed with their product as a solution for small groups. I've also been impressed with their well thought out blog and they seem like all around good guys.

I see this blog post about how they are going to:

...take a closer look at free and open-source software: the real costs, the barriers, and the trade-offs; some of the best FOSS alternatives to “brand name” software; and online resources to help you make the most of it.
And I start to wonder if it is going to turn into a stealth vendor hit piece / FUD on open source. But as I mentioned, they don't seem like those type of folks, so I'm looking forward to what they write up.

PS, if anyone wants to compete head to head with Wild Apricot using open source software, you could run a CiviCRM-based ASP ;)

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rjleaman said...

Thanks, David. The "benefit of the doubt" is all one can ask for, in all fairness - and as WA's main blogger, I can tell you that it's both justified and appreciated. :)

Rebecca Leaman
'Curious Apricot'