Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Quotes from the public

This whole GiveWell thing is killing me. But it provides such good blog fodder. So I think I'm going to do a series of quotes out of the morass because people are fascinating.

Come on, people. In business this can be dismissed as sleazy shenanigans, but in charity this should not be dismissed.
This comment literally made me laugh out loud. Charities, especially private foundations, IMHO exhibit some of the most sleazy shenanigans ever conceived by corporations . This specific example so doesn't even rate among executive compensation, employing foundations as conduits of money to friends and business associates, etc. If we want to clean house, lets start with something important and systemic.

But it should make Independent Sector shake in its boots. If this represents the popular opinion of charities, then some really ugly stuff could come out of congress in the name of charity accountability.

Luckily, rich and powerful people use foundations so I suspect the lobbyists at work on this issue are far better than the ones 501-c-3 public charities alone could muster. (OK, I might be a little cynical)

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