Wednesday, December 12, 2007

What sector do you work in?

I love Michelle, but I must take umbrage.

201 out of 665 users used these 6 open source tools. I don’t think that’s possibly representative of the sector (especially since in the survey, the most popular CRM was CiviCRM.)
In a sector where 80.8% of registered nonprofits have budgets under $100K per year and 50.9% 990 filers have budgets under $100K, OF COURSE these data make sense (2007 NCSS data). Who can possibly afford the commercial alternatives? Open source, free and accessible solutions are the obvious choice.

And obvious and used CRM solutions like Giftworks, MS Excel and post it notes weren't even in the survey (see dotorganize survey).

IN FACT, only 30% of NTEN CRM satisfaction survey respondents had budgets under 100K compared with the 50.9% in the sector .

And I'm not just saying this becuase CiviCRM emphatically spanked the huge commercial competitors. ;)


pearlbear said...

C'mon David, be real. Yes, CiviCRM spanked the proprietary competition, and I'm proud of that. But even you know CiviCRM is not the most popular CRM out there in the nonprofit sector! Yes, you are bang-on that most nonprofits can't afford the proprietary tools in that list. But, in fact, the most popular CRM out there is "other" the one not mentioned - that homegrown Access database or spreadsheet.

That's the sector I work in.

David Geilhufe said...

I'm right there with you, in terms of market share NOBODY can touch Outlook, MS Excel, MS Access and Post It notes.