Saturday, March 11, 2006

CiviCRM at BarCamp Austin

So we're doing a CiviCRM session today (Saturday) at 8:30pm at Bar Camp Austin. [changed from 3:30]. If you are at SXSW, please drop by

Bar Camp has a pretty good turn out given that South by Southwest is happening at the same time. CiviCRM wasn't invited to SXSW, not to metion SXSW is a little pricey, so Bar Camp Alustin was a little more my speed ;)

I'll blog a little from Bar Camp on interesting stuff.

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1 comment:

Factory Joe said...

Hey David, great to meet you. I'd be interested in figuring some best practices for getting the most out of CiviCRM. I'm sure there's a ton of power in there and as you mentioned -- the layers are bit difficult to pount through!