Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Take 15 Minutes to Help Nonprofit Technology

Compumentor has put together the NetSquared project which is an interactive online effort to

  • share stories about how web-based technologies are impacting people’s lives
  • build toolkits for nonprofits around the globe to help extend their good work
They need some more content. Contribute a case study of a sucessfull example of how nonprofits have used emerging technologies (eCRM, web, email, wikis). Case studies can be contributed on their website (you'll need to log in first).

More interesting to me, they are asking folks to answer four questions about nonprofit technology. You can submit your answers on the NetSquared Website.
  • What's *really* new on the Web, as opposed to buzzwords and soundbites?
  • Which tools best embody the new opportunities from your point of view and why?
  • Who's doing the best work with the new tools (technically or in terms of social benefit or both)?
  • What's the bad news? What are the greatest barriers preventing web-based technology from producing social change?
Very interesting to see the different views of the nonprofit, nonprofit technology, and technology communities.

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